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I am going to reveal to you How I made money online for the very first time one year ago.

LEARN How I Made Money Online - Download My Free eBooks and Free Audios!I tried earning an income online for 3 years before I earned my first ClickBank Commission as an Affiliate. Those 3 years previous to my success online were horrible!

I remember trying and trying and trying to figure out how could I earn money from the internet and work from anywhere in the world.

That never happened for a little over 3 years, my wife, my family and my friends doubted that I could ever make a living online. I argued with my wife almost daily because all I wanted to do was sit in front of my desktop PC and try to figure this shit out!

It was very tough to go through those 3 years without ANY success online. I was working in construction before jumping into the Internet Marketing World.

I hated the fact that I was making money for someone else, if you think about it like that. Bottom line is that I did not want to work for ANYONE but myself. That was the main reason I started my journey online.

I was not going to get a J.O.B. again so I had to make this happen online. It took me 3 long years before I cracked the code ;)

By the way J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke!

Maybe this will give you a different  perspective on Jobs. Here is what I think; you should be earning money based on the service you are providing people with, NOT based on your labor and time.

You want to get paid by the amount of value you offer to others. This is how you will make money online and this is exactly why you want to make money online. You want to get paid on your knowledge, your results and your experience not on your time!

Don’t trade your time for money. Most people would say that time is money but I say that is B.S.!

Time is NOT money. Knowledge is Money.

You see here, most of us grew up like that. We grew up believing that the only way to make money is by trading our time for it. Time is precious and you can’t ever never buy it back. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life working in a store or in construction!

My time and your time is waaaayy more valuable than money!!

Do you really think you are worth $10, $11 or even $15 dollars an hour?

Think about it.

Now, let me share with you How I made money online for the very first time last year (2012).

The first thing I will tell you is that you have to have a BURNING DESIRE to make this a reality for you. If you don’t have that then it will be easier for you to quit when things seem to be hard to get done.

Like writing articles everyday and market online everyday. Most people are lazy and I would say that most people that want to earn money online is because they want to be lazy and work from home.

That is the damn truth!

If you are lazy and your goal is to earn money online while you sit on the couch and watch Family Guy – then you are not the only one. I would say all of the people trying to make money online just want more freedom and more time.

They want to earn money online working very comfortably from wherever they are at as long as they have an internet connection.

This is COMPLETELY Fine!


At the beginning, when you are first trying to understand it all and earn money online, you will have to WORK YOUR BUTT OFF!!

That’s how I made money online for the very first time. I started working day and night and making connections all over the internet to build a team in my organization. I’m still earning money online every month thanks to that work I put in last year.

You need to understand that in order to create something new in your life, you will have to do whatever it takes. No one came to the internet and started earning $5,000 a month in just couple of days.

Actually, I have seen people do that BUT they invested A LOT of money in Paid-Advertisement and Tools to make it happen – they took MASSIVE ACTION. But do you have a lot of money to invest and play with?

Of course you will be able to get faster results if you TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and you go ALL OUT with the information you learn online.

But REMEMBER that you will not work that much ever again after you get the ball rolling. After you are making a good amount of money online, you can then outsource most, if not all of the stuff you hated doing when you first started.

It’s just a matter of building an online business from scratch and as in any business you will need to put in the necessary work to make it successful.

I share all of the same knowledge about How I made money online for the very first time on this site. I record videos, I write blog posts, I create mini informational eBooks and lately I have been working on audios.

So I share my knowledge in any way possible and you should do the same once you learn what I teach you.

You will be able to learn exactly what I have been doing to drive traffic to this site and how I made money online with simple Internet Marketing Strategies.

ALL of the information to be successful online is here but the results you get are on YOU. Only YOU.

I do not know or have ANY idea what you are going to do with the information I share on this site – all I know is that what I share here works and it is working for me as you are reading this. ;)

Go through this entire site, visit the Free PDFs page, listen to my Audios, download eBooks & Internet Marketing Products for free and learn the information you need to start your path to making money online.

You want to tell your friends and family that you are now making money online right?… especially when they laugh at you when you talk about your goals and dreams …. 

It is an awesome feeling even when you are just earning $200 – $300 a month online!

Here is a video I shot a while ago – get to know me and learn from me!

Let’s connect and learn from each other!

You need to work with people if you want to get faster results. I’m telling you this because I learned the hard way! It took me 3 long hard years to realize this.

Hope this post is helpful to you and you are able to get results with the information on this site!

Thanks for reading!


I wish you the best success everrr!!




-Freddy Gandarilla

“freedom blogger”

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