How to Come Up with Content for Your Blog Consistently?

So you want to get into the blogging arena uh!

I’m guessing that you are a brand new blogger online and that is one of the reason you are here, reading this today.


Well, you have landed on the right blog site, if you are really looking to build a successful blog online that can help you build a passive income.

Blogging is the best way to build a passive and residual income online, in my opinion, of course.

And, well, you will be able to find thousands of other bloggers who definitely agree with that statement as well!

Blogging online and earning money from the revenue ROCKS!

I’m sure you have been reading a lot about blogging by now – and you are now aware of its potential.

You have made the smartest decision to build your own blog and make money from it my friend! … so congrats to you! 🙂

Okay okay….

Now let’s get to the point here …

You came here because you saw the title and you actually want to learn how to come up with content for you blog consistently …. right!!!

So let me stop ranting here and let me share with you some great tips to help you come up with great content for your blog online very consistently.

These tips are very simple – really. I’m going to share 6 tips to help you learn how to come up with content for your blog very consistently.

You would be very amazed at how simple the blogging knowledge and the knowledge you need to learn in order to make a lot of money online is.

You see, here is the real problem these days ….

….the concepts and the process you need to learn are very simple to understand, it is the MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION that most people seem to struggle with the most.

Would you agree?

You know you have to blog and you know that you need to share unique valuable content, and you also know that you need to promote and share content very very consistently.

You know very well what you must be doing on a daily basis – don’t you?

It just that sometimes you just do not seem to get going!

Anyways, you will learn cool techniques here on my blog – on how to let your mind go and let go of bad subconscious beliefs that might be sabotaging your success online.

Alright … here I go again rumbling … and going a bit off topic LOL

But, you see, this is actually a great example for you, to show you that you can just let your mind go and let your thoughts rain on the screen! Hehehe …

How to Come Up with Content for Your Blog Consistently?

Tip #1

Don’t ever be afraid to SPEAK YOUR MIND OUT-LOUD!

Most of the time, you seem to not really be able to just write, and that might be because deep inside you are “afraid” of being “judged” by others – because of your writing style or because of the information you are sharing.

But that is just an illusion my friend!

Remember; Blogging is really just about Writing – and letting your mind go on the topics you are very passionate about.

Of course, you should also know that you need to share very valuable and unique content on your blog, and that plays a big part in its success online.

But, sometimes you just can’t come up with anything “valuable” to write about, right? …. and when that happens, simply let yourself go!

Let your mind flow no matter what!

Really …

You got it in you!

You are a great writer, by nature.

Want to know what makes me be so sure about that?

You are Alive!

So, by nature, you have a lot to share – and sometimes you do not even realize this simple fact.

You can share many things about your life – when you can’t seem to find anything else to write about.

You can share the things you have been learning about or have learned, so far, in your current journey.

Think about it for a minute …..

…. no matter how “boring” you might think your life is, you are still alive and living!!

Just the simple fact that you are alive, breathing, talking, and reading, is enough for your creativity to flow and just allow yourself to let your mind go.

I know, and YOU know, that there is a lot going on in your mind and that you are eager to share your thoughts and views with the world (you just might not even realize it, until now).

We all got this amazing gift …. The Mind!

You got one, and I got one! LOL

So, use it!

Here are some more tips to help you come up with more content for your blog.

Tip #2

Get a notepad!!

I highly recommend you to practice taking notes and carrying a small notepad and pen or pencil everywhere you go.

Ideas flow through your mind all the time, and sometimes when you least expect it.

Sometimes, you get brilliant ideas out of nowhere, and later on you find out you have forgotten them.

This is why you should freaking get a notepad and carry it with you, dammit!!

Sorry for the little passion here! … haha

Oh wait; I shouldn’t apologize for being me, right?

Anyways ….

What do you think? … let me know in the comments section below!

Okay …

There is one thing I have overlooked …..

…. We have very Smart Phones and Devices now these days!


Okay okay …

Maybe you can replace the old school notepad and pen with a Digital Notepad on your smart device!

That would work as well.

Basically, what I’m saying here is to always be aware of your brilliant ideas and when you do get them, Write Them Down ASAP!

You might think you can remember them later, but NO! …. most often than not, you can’t remember the brilliant idea you had over lunch yesterday!

It happens!

And it happens very often and to everyone!

It has happened to me. I have tried to remember my brilliant ideas many times, and did not care to write them down at the moment, and find myself frustrated later one because I knew I had brilliant ideas but can’t seem to remember them for the life of me!

Can you relate?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Alright – here is another tip to help you come up with content for your blog online.

Tip #3


Yup!! … that is right my friend!

Reading is such a great way to gain more knowledge.

You know what they say; if you want to learn more, then simply read more.

You want to be consistently learning new knowledge – especially knowledge in your niche and knowledge that would be very valuable to your audience.

What makes a blog successful?

Its Revenue!

And how do you build revenue?

You consistently share valuable content that your audience will benefit from!

And you also need to be consistently promoting your content – but this is another topic for another awesome day. 🙂

Very simple concept, right?

You see, I mentioned this earlier, the concepts to making money blogging online are very simple, it is the consistent implementation of these concepts that most struggle with.

I always like to point this out because I really want to help you out here.

I have been in the online game for quite a long time now (since 2010) – and I have learned a lot from the people online.

I can tell you, with confidence today, that being “lazy” (for a lack of a better word) is the number one reason why most people fail at building an income online.

That is the raw truth!!

It is not that you do not know what to do; it is that you do know what to do but can’t seem to do it!

Am I right? .. or am I right?

You tell me (in a comment below)!

As soon as you learn something new implement it and take action!

Get going right away – so it would be easier to just get going! … you get what I mean??!! …

Okay – now, my advice here is to be consistently learning so you can always have fresh ideas and information inside your cute head! Lol

Reading will help you with that!

And I’m not telling you to just read books here; you can read blog posts and go through social media to read what other people are talking about and sharing – and things like that.

Just take the time to read valuable information – wherever you might find it.

Do this very consistently. Read daily or at least a few times a week.

It will make a big difference in your blogging journey, I am telling you from experience!

Books are a great source of knowledge too – and you know it!

What are your favorite books, so far?

Share them in a comment below!

Tip #4

Do some research, will ya!

There is so much information online.


It is amazing how limitless knowledge really is.

If you can’t seem to find what to write about, simply spy on what others are writing about!

You can use online tools – such as Buzzsumo to do some content research online.

Okay, let me share with you a few online tools and resources to help you scout the internet for good content;





Use these sites to your advantage.

It is a smart idea to look at what other bloggers are writing about to help you come up with your own ideas to share similar content.

You can also use a search engine (like google) and social media sites (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.) to search for valuable content others are sharing and talking about.

Take the time to do some research in your niche to get some fresh ideas for new content for your blog. Write them down in your notepad or digital notepad, brainstorm a bit, and let your creativity flow.

Tip #5

Borrow a mind!

That’s right! .. I’ve said it!

What I really mean here is to search for those who are successful in your Niche and ask if you can Interview them – and publish the interview on your blog.

This is a great way for you to come up with great content for your readers!

Plus, people always love to hear and learn from those who are successful – so this is a great way to get some high quality content for your blog.

Do not be afraid to reach out!

It is important that you leave fear behind. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those successful people in your niche.

Are you going to get No’s and be Ignored?

Heck yeah!!

That is part of the process kid!

Do you really think that the successful people have never been told NO or have been Ignored?

What’s wrong with you!

…no offense …

But seriously ….

You need to realize and recognize that the most successful people have actually been ignored a lot more and have been told NO a lot more than anyone else!

Anyone else who is not successful, that is.

Every successful person has gone through the entire No’s and rejections they can go through. You must be insane to think otherwise.

So, with that being said, do not be afraid to just ASK and REACH OUT – to people.

Often, asking and reaching out is what separates those who succeed from those who do not.

This is something very profound that I have learned from one of the greats – Steve Jobs.

Just hear it from the man himself!

Okay, let me share one more tip with you here.

Tip #6

Ask your Audience!

Who are you writing for?

Most likely, you are writing for a certain group of people. Correct?

So, who would be better than the people you are writing for – to ask what it is you should be blogging about?

It just makes sense!

You should Survey your audience often.

If you are building an Email List (and I really hope that you are) – you can use online services like to send a simple survey to your subscribers.

Paying close attention your niche’s audience is very important. They are the ones who will make or break your blog online afterwards, right!!

So take good care of them and reach out to them for more content ideas!

It really is a Win-Win situation here.

Because, they get to learn what they have been trying to learn for a while and you get to create fresh valuable content for your blog online!

Got it?

Alright – I think this is it for this blog post.

It has been a long post! haha! …

And let me tell you, I wrote half of this blog post in about 15 minutes and the other half in a bit less than an hour.

It is clear that I was more inspired to write when I first started writing this blog post. And for the other half I couldn’t focused very well – but I just kept going!

It happens!

Just never stop moving forward – no matter what!

You do have what it takes to come up with new content for your blog consistently.

You just have to really believe in yourself and in your potential. Because you truly do have it!

I am here to tell you that you do and that it is time for you to realize it and bring out the writing-maniac sleeping inside of you! LOL 😀

Implement these simple tips – and learn how to come up with content for your blog consistently.

If you have any additional tips to share here – leave them in a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for passing by and don’t forget to share this awesome blog post with others!



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